Friday, January 13, 2017

Questions and Answers 1

Starting this year, I will post silly/thought-provoking/getting-to-know-me questions here in this blog and my answers. Once in a while I will revisit them and see if my answers have changed over time. Just because I want to.

What Are My Goals This Year?
  • Work for better fitness and health
  • Organize family finances
  • De-clutter, learn to be minimalist in terms of things
  • Start a travel blog with hubby
Whom Do I Envy The Most? 
  • People who have so much will power and focus.
What Event or Milestone Am I Looking Forward To?
  • The trip in April
  • My retirement 
What Is The Last Dream I Vividly Remember?
My dream of pigs and piglets. And I have no idea why I dreamed of them. Just a few nights ago.

What Are Your Ups and Downs Recently?
  • The Down : Being on a 2 man team for the Call Centre for 3 straight days. (Jan 10-12) Dreadful, cruel, unhealthy.
  • The Down : Losing my very expensive eyeglasses.
  • The Up : Working out for 6 straight days. (Jan 6 - 12). Feels so good.
  •  The Up : Having a ME time (Jan 12) - because I badly need it.

What Are You Thankful For Lately?
  • For the energy to do workouts for 6 straight days.
  • Surviving the call centre.
  • Half completing putting away my Christmas items.
  • The FitBit

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