Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Week Past

On the subject of Decluttering...
Finally managed to clear and put away all my Christmas decorations. On this 3rd weekend of January the boxes are back to the locker/basement. The locker has been cleared of a few items and is now a bit in order and arranged.
While clearing up, I "discovered" 3 puzzles I must have completed some 12 years ago. Re-framed them and hung them on my bare walls.

Fitness Update...
Walked a total of 69,760 steps from Sunday to Saturday. Still short of the 10K steps per day but almost there. Completed 2 training sessions with the trainer and missed one. Managed to do my own cardio, attended one spin class and one zumba class. I am on my way to better fitness.

Something Different...
Got invited by another condo dweller to their home. Have known them for a few years but only by face and some greetings. It was very unexpected and I was amazed by the interest of this person who is using his 3D printer, his electronics and computer programming background to create a lot of unusual items for their home. Totally different.

Lastly ...
Celebrated birthday with 2 other Scarborough gal pals who are also January born. There was not a lot of us but 'twas a fun night of jokes and laughter.

Time now to rest and be Thankful
as one week ends 
and another begins.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Questions and Answers 1

Starting this year, I will post silly/thought-provoking/getting-to-know-me questions here in this blog and my answers. Once in a while I will revisit them and see if my answers have changed over time. Just because I want to.

What Are My Goals This Year?
  • Work for better fitness and health
  • Organize family finances
  • De-clutter, learn to be minimalist in terms of things
  • Start a travel blog with hubby
Whom Do I Envy The Most? 
  • People who have so much will power and focus.
What Event or Milestone Am I Looking Forward To?
  • The trip in April
  • My retirement 
What Is The Last Dream I Vividly Remember?
My dream of pigs and piglets. And I have no idea why I dreamed of them. Just a few nights ago.

What Are Your Ups and Downs Recently?
  • The Down : Being on a 2 man team for the Call Centre for 3 straight days. (Jan 10-12) Dreadful, cruel, unhealthy.
  • The Down : Losing my very expensive eyeglasses.
  • The Up : Working out for 6 straight days. (Jan 6 - 12). Feels so good.
  •  The Up : Having a ME time (Jan 12) - because I badly need it.

What Are You Thankful For Lately?
  • For the energy to do workouts for 6 straight days.
  • Surviving the call centre.
  • Half completing putting away my Christmas items.
  • The FitBit

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January Halfway Through

What's up with my first few days of January?

The usual putting away Christmas decorations and telling myself I will not decorate next year. Much as I enjoyed putting them up and the "Christmassy" feeling every time I am home - putting them away is a major chore. One day is not enough.
Taking time to visit a favorite place - the Frenchman's Wharf and Marina in Pickering, Ontario. With ice clinging to the tree roots and sun just setting, it is "The Song of Fire and Ice".
Weekend driving to Peterborough, Ontario.  Photo below shows the Trent Canal used as skating and hockey rink. Massive building at the background is the Peterborough Lift Lock #21.

Not bad for the first few days of 2017.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happiness Is...

The weather outside could be frightful, 
but inside the office my heart feels delightful.

Why wouldn't I be when I saw this pretty notebook left on my desk. A belated Christmas gift from 2 cute little girls. Oh for sure so much appreciated.
 Happiness for me can just be a new notebook.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goodbye Moleskine (For Now)

There is something about January. Aside from being the beginning of the new year and also because it is my birthday month, I always want to start something around this time. My last Moleskine notebook still have a few pages left but I just cannot continue writing in them. January deserves a new writing pad. No offense meant to my Moleskines (much as they are pricey) because they are the best notebooks I ever wrote on. I had no intention of changing my notebook brand nor was I looking for a new notebook.

But then I found this pack of 3 notebooks for $3.99. Colorful, girlie, pretty. I could not resist. Cheers to 2017! and the many things I could just be writing/recording.