Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Week Past

On the subject of Decluttering...
Finally managed to clear and put away all my Christmas decorations. On this 3rd weekend of January the boxes are back to the locker/basement. The locker has been cleared of a few items and is now a bit in order and arranged.
While clearing up, I "discovered" 3 puzzles I must have completed some 12 years ago. Re-framed them and hung them on my bare walls.

Fitness Update...
Walked a total of 69,760 steps from Sunday to Saturday. Still short of the 10K steps per day but almost there. Completed 2 training sessions with the trainer and missed one. Managed to do my own cardio, attended one spin class and one zumba class. I am on my way to better fitness.

Something Different...
Got invited by another condo dweller to their home. Have known them for a few years but only by face and some greetings. It was very unexpected and I was amazed by the interest of this person who is using his 3D printer, his electronics and computer programming background to create a lot of unusual items for their home. Totally different.

Lastly ...
Celebrated birthday with 2 other Scarborough gal pals who are also January born. There was not a lot of us but 'twas a fun night of jokes and laughter.

Time now to rest and be Thankful
as one week ends 
and another begins.

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