Monday, February 29, 2016

Lois Wyse 1

In high-school we used to collect the poetry of Lois Wyse from a magazine/newspaper I can no longer remember the name. The Lois Wyse I read now in Wikipedia seems to be different from the one I "worshiped" in high-school. Fortunately, a close friend was able to keep some of those poems in her notebook (as I have lost all of mine in a house fire). And so whether it is the same writer or not, I will be posting the Lois Wyse poetry I know in this blog from time to time. 

~ * ~
 It is a good thing
That we never say
Our love is complete,
For we both know
That joy is in the making,
Not the finishing,
Of things.

 ~ * ~
love is not an obligation
it is a privilege
love, not travel
cures the restless


I must trust the way
I feel about you
For if I do not trust me
how can I expect you
to trust me?
~ * ~
The promises I make to me
Are as important as the
promises I make to you
And if this were not so
Then you could never trust me.
It's nice to open up the heart a little
and let some hurt come in
It proves you are still alive.
You are a meter gone or a mile away
You are out of my reach, or too far to
feel my outstretched hand.

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