Monday, February 22, 2016


Going over the 7 Moleskine notebooks I have filled from March 2013 to Feb 2016, I found a few doodles/art works. Nothing near a Van Gogh or Picasso but something to keep for memories sake.

 Fairy doodle in 2013, 2 hearts hello, flowers done while I was on the phone. 
Oh those 11th floor days.

Left art work done while taking an on-line training. Must be a boring one, eh?
Inspiration for right artwork - is better left unwritten.

 Left doodle done while on a training again and got so sleepy. Upper right was done while on a quick picnic and got inspiration from all the leaves around our mat. Lower right must be in one of those boring days.

 Doodling to drive boredom away.

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  1. wow te! ang galing galing mo! :)
    haven't visited in a long time. karon lang kay nag try pud ko update sa akong blogspot blog :)