Friday, March 4, 2016

Poem for Maine and Alden

Disclaimer : The following poem is NOT WRITTEN BY ME. It is written by a good friend who like me is a certified AlDub fan. In her own words she is "A retired teacher who used to teach literature and the nuances of the English language but who has now RE-TIRED  (i.e.has put on new tires) to discover newer, bigger horizons and to rediscover, perhaps, along the way, the lost or forgotten joys of being young and carefree and foolish again." And she continues with "Here's to the embers of fire that may still blaze and light up the skies. HERE'S TO YOUNG LOVE!"

 ~ * ~ * ~

In this tired, aging, troubled jaded world...
you, Alden and Maine,
came like the fresh breath of a morning drenched with dew.

You opened the eyes (including these tired eyes of mine)
and those who have either put aside .
or forgotten the bliss of young love...
of being carefree and " young and foolish again."

You "rescued" young souls
who have become forgetful,
or even rebellious of the old, tested ways.

You have shattered this seeming callousness
of the young...this indifference
that ought only to belong to the lost,
the bitter,
the lonely,
the hopeless,
the old.
This "old soul" here thanks you
for bringing back to remembrance
the "vivre" of youth..
the innocent joy of young love...
the euphoria of falling in love...again!
(and loving it!)...
the thrill of a hug, a warm embrace...
the gentle threading of old, gnarled fingers...
through thinning, silver hair.

You have stoked the embers of a fire almost gone out..
almost forgotten in the hidden corners of the passing years.

for being you- guileless, innocent, humble, loving and giving;
for showing the world that
LOVE is...
.makakapagparaya (kung kailangan),
.makakapaghintay sa " tamang panahon".

I do not know what God has planned
for the two of you.
But here is one optimistic, hopeful,
and hopelessly romantic, sentimental, old fool
who will continue to lift you up in prayer.

Here's to hoping and praying that
the heavens will be kind on you,
that He will bring you two together
(for real and not just for reel!)

Here's to you, Alden and Maine, two loving
and lovable children any Nanay (including this Nanay)
would be blessed to have.

with more joy, more fun, more laughter, more love...

Nanay Lerry

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