Wednesday, September 16, 2015

40th TIFF Movies - Part 2

This year I watched a total of 9 full length movies and 1 featuring 7 short films. The first 3 were already mentioned in Part 1, here comes the next 3.

KILL YOUR FRIENDS. This British black comedy stars Nicholas Hoult ( About A Boy, Mad Max). At the end of the movie I still was not sure if I liked it or not. But then I never liked Wolf of Wall Street which this movie reminds me so much of. Click here to know more.

 MUSTANG. A coming of age movie but set in a Turkish village where everything is done so differently from most of the world. Beautifully cast and worth watching if only to learn something about other cultures. Click here for review.

THE HERE AFTER. Slow family drama yet it still captured me.
Click here for more.

My apologies for just linking the reviews here. I leave the reviews to the more qualified. I only watch movies.

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