Friday, September 18, 2015

4oth TIFF Movies - Part 3

Last but not least the 3 other movies I watched.

 HONOR THY FATHER. Of course I cannot miss a Filipino movie on any TIFF. The best Filipino movie I have seen in 8 years of TIFF for me. Well edited, scripted, acted. If there is one thing that would have made this good film great - I have to say it was the lead star John Lloyd. Though I say it was well acted, but that only goes for everyone in the cast, even the brothers who had very short roles. I just don't feel John Lloyd had the depth and the anger the role needed. (Sorry, JL fans). Over-all, a very good Filipino movie.

 THE MISSING GIRL. A fitting last movie for this season. Light, funny, concise. There was nothing much to think while viewing the movie. It was entertaining.

TRUMAN. While in the line up, a guy asked me "Are you a Ricardo Darin fan?". I said, No, who is he? Guy said - he is Argentina's George Clooney. Me: Oh, well maybe I am. But truly, I chose this movie for the theme of friendship and losing a friend. The movie tugged everyone's heart. Beautiful.

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