Monday, September 14, 2015

40th TIFF Movies - Part 1

I have to write this post to record the movies I have seen on this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Not doing this would ultimately mean they will be lost in this confusing, maddening, forever on-going project of trying to catch up on my blogs.

"BEAST" from director Tom and Sam McKeith.  Australian production but set in Manila.
Read review from Hollywood Reporter here which I tend to agree a lot. 

"BROOKLYN". One movie anyone who has experienced being away from home can relate to. Add a little romance, family issues and a wonderful cast - you certainly have a movie worthy to watch.
Read more about it here.

"DESIERTO". What more can I say aside from it made me a certified Gael Garcia Bernal fan. Boy! the guy got me in the short Q & A after the movie. Beautiful cinematography. Read more about it here.

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