Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mr. Driver

Dear Mr. D,

Just a short and sincere thank you for the excellent job during our Cebu North day trip.

I don't think it was an easy feat to have 4 women as passengers. Not ordinary women, but women who were either eating, laughing loudly or talking all the time. Add the "almost constant" requests of "turn back, turn back, we want to take a picture"; or "stop, stop, they are selling bibingka (or pintos, or masi)". Then suddenly "padak-i, padak-i ang sounds!!".

How did you survive that day, Mr. D? You never butted in, and only joined the conversation when asked. How cool can you be? As if nothing in the topics interested you.

When asked to slow down so we can take photos of a barrio procession, you obliged. Who cares about the Ceres bus and other cars behind us? They might as well slow down.

Thanks for driving us around safely and for giving in to our girlish request. On our next road trip, I hope you will still be the one behind the wheel, Mr. D.

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