Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's date

The usual question we get asked these days is  "where are you going this valentine's day?"

My usual answer is - Home. I'm not being boring or cheap. It's just that valentine's day dates are so overstated for me. And really, it is the best time to get poor service from restaurants no matter the reservation. The servers are tired and too busy. Sometimes you end up with partially cooked or over cooked food if not the wrong food order at all. This is not to mention the long line up - again, despite reservation. Privacy is non existent as tables are too close you can hear the next couples' voices. I've had enough bad experiences on these VD dates, I have learned my lesson.

So, for me and my date - Home is it. Soft music of our choice, dim lights and view overlooking a piece of Scarborough. To top it all, dinner is not overpriced and just perfect.

So, Valentine's date anyone??

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