Monday, February 10, 2014

Parola, Liloan

Hi Ms.D,

I feel I must write a more personal Thank You note to you for the last minute "date" we had sa Parola, Liloan. I'm actually a person who is mababaw ang kaligayahan. Take me to a scenic or rustic place, provide good conversation, and company who is "kayboy" like me - I am solved. The sunset, the lighthouse, and the sea was a perfect backdrop to our chickahan.

There really are different kinds of connections, and ours is different too. Conversation was not forced, it just flowed. As if the years in-between did not matter, we just continued where we left off.

I had a great time. Hope you did too! Thanks Ms. D, it was a pleasant afternoon!

1 comment:

  1. I feel honored to be included here.thank u so much for my advance birthday gift.!!!
    Am not good at words like you but still I hope you got what i mean to convey,hehehe!mababaw lng nga ang kaligayahan! thanks ng marami! ms. D,
    ang ganda ng name ko! lol!