Friday, February 7, 2014

Thank You


YES, I mean everyone of you who made my last vacation another memorable one.

High school classmates/batchmates, college chums, travel/photo bestie, and NSC friends. I truly appreciate the time you took from your schedules to spend a few hours/days with me. Time was too short but we made every minute count.

Sisters, nephews, niece, in-laws, Keith Andre, and extended families. "Every family is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." I look forward to more of those bonding times.

New friends who warmly accepted me and invited me to their homes. May this be the start of a deeper friendship.

It has been a vacation of forgetting - calories and healthy eating in favor of pinoy dishes and delicacies. A vacation of minor disappointments when met-ups/get togethers were postponed/cancelled due to LPA and Basyang. A vacation of discovering places I have not been and appreciating my beautiful homeland. A vacation of acceptance - that internet is slow and weather is either hot or hotter.

And to those who cheered me on, constantly reminding me of the snow I was missing while I was out there sweating - I love you guys to bits!!

I am home now. With all the ups and downs, vacation mission was accomplished - and that was to have a real good time with you ALL! I hope you had a nice time too.

Till then...till then...take care everyone!!

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