Friday, July 6, 2018

Big Road Trip - New Brunswick

The Big Road Trip - Canada Maritimes  June 8-20, 2018
New Brunswick - June 10, 2018

Before leaving New Brunswick, we did 3 things.

Check out Magnetic Hill. I almost did not include the Magnetic Hill in our itinerary but for the sake of science we still visited the place. Fortunately, we were the only car there and there were tourists from a bus waiting to see this "phenomenon". We drove to the lowest part of the hill and placed our car on neutral. True enough, we rolled upwards defying gravity. It is actually an optical illusion making our mind believe that it was uphill when it was actually a downhill slope. We had to do the "run" a few times for the tourists. Nothing spectacular about it.

However, the place was such a tourist trap. The colored buildings which were all souvenir shops and/or selling food and drinks were so enticing. It was a beautiful place for photos.

Had the obligatory stop and photo with Shediac's lobster sculpture. It is said that Shediac boasted to have the largest lobsters. To make this true - they had a sculpture made of the biggest lobster. Now no one can dispute.

And then our first taste of Maritime lobster at Quai du Homard.

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