Monday, March 12, 2018

My Driving Life 1

Much as I wanted to drive since the day we arrived in Canada, I never got to push myself to learn and be on the road. I had an ever available driver, I had friends who were always willing to drive me around, the Toronto Transit (bus, train, subway) is very convenient and then the son learned how to drive. There was just no reason for me to learn. I took and passed written driving tests and took driving lessons but when the motivation is absent - the dream to drive remained a dream.

But life took me to a different turn and I came face-to-face with the reality that I must drive. After 16 years in Canada I took things seriously. I failed my first road test because I could not parallel park. Hah! Who can when you are very nervous and tense?

On my 2nd attempt I woke up very early and drove with the husband to the testing centre. I had to acquaint myself with the possible routes and drove back home in the middle of rush hour. Passed my 2nd road test . This time there was no parallel parking, no issue with the all way stop. I don't know how I passed when I was still very nervous and tense. I give all the glory to God who made it all possible.

Ontario,here I come!!

Officially became a licensed Ontario driver in Oct 2017.

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