Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Food Trip - Collingwood

The trip to Collingwood was not all leisure, it was actually for an official family business. But before anything can be dealt with food has to fill the tummy.

Dinner of mussels, sliders and sweet potato fries at the Cranberry Courtyard. A little more than enough for two.

Breakfast at The Olde Red Hen in downtown Collingwood. I ordered the Original Olde Red Hen breakfast (shown on top). It had "the works" which meant 2 pieces each of sausage,  ham, bacon, eggs, fries, toast and 1 big pancake. The hubby had The Shipyard breakfast which was similar to mine except the pancake but instead steak was added.  Heart thumping breakfast - and not in a healthy way. The place was cozy and had the country feel. A bit on the pricey side, but then again it was a lot of food.

Business is done. Going back to Toronto we stopped for ice cream (yes, in winter) at Grandmas Beach Treats in the middle of Wasaga Beach.

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