Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Post Birthday Greeting

This greeting below was sent by a very good friend. I don't think I am who she says I am - or I did what she said I did. No matter how cliche may this be but I feel this is one of those unsolicited gifts that keeps on giving by making me feel good about myself. And we all need that once in a while - not only on our birthday.

as your birthday celebration comes to an end, i want you to welcome another year with these endearing thoughts of a grateful friend just because -
- you never allowed distance to stop you from reaching out at the toughest of times and the happiest of hours;
- you are my big morale booster. you make me believe i can really do things i never even imagined. photography, among others;
- you bring out the "finer" side of me with those "pseudo" art appreciation and less than critical book reviews;
- you are one woman of courage and grace whose strength rests in His great mercy as souls seek you out for comfort and safety. you are blessed. and loved, Ema Rene!

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