Monday, October 24, 2016

Special People

What is a vacation no matter how short without meeting some special people?

 Dinner on a short notice with USC-TC CE Batch 82. Seems like I was the only one in this group who has forgotten my CE roots. All of them continue to speak Civil Engineering language or subjects related to the industry. I doubt if I can still compute loads. My respect to these guys who kept the fire burning. (At Mooon Cafe, Ayala).

"To be with old friends is warm and comforting". 
Specially if the old friends were the ones you shared 5 years in college. Enjoying the buffet breakfast at Golden Prince Restaurant.

Very special friends. Spending 1 whole day with these gals was not enough. It was a day of fun, faith, gratefulness and everything else in between. I can not imagine being in Cebu and missing a chance to bond with these gal pals. 

Family bonding with sis, aunt and cousin. Such a small family I have.
Was not sure if this meeting will ever materialize. There were hitches even from the planning stage. Nevertheless, we did meet. From London, to Canada and now in Consolacion. Will make a longer visit next time - and hopefully with the 3rd friend from Iligan.

A day before my return flight and still managed a 1 day trip to nearby Cordova with these friends. High school memories are always entertaining and amusing. Add yummy seafood and Fundador (for the boys) and the fun will not stop until the sunset.

 And last but not least - my Viber, Skype and Phone pal. Such a pity we were not able to have more time together due to school and my other activities.

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