Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mothers' Job is Never Done

The only son flew out of the coop almost 3 years ago. But as young people do these days - they want to travel and this kid is no exception. Having worked for around 5 years, he has set his mind on doing a Canadian-US road trip for 3 months. He has saved and planned for it - which included giving up his one-room apartment and leaving his things between a storage place and "mom-dad's" home.

Thus, mom blogger got busy right after the Toronto Film Festival (where I volunteered for five 6 hour shifts, watched movies and went to work once in a while). By busy, that meant helping in the pack-up, cleaning and other preparatory activities.

A mom's job is never done - and I am not saying that as a complaint. I am happy I am still needed. My sometimes "good" advise is still sought and my presence is still welcome.

Sharing here the kiddo's blog while he is on his adventure. A road trip.

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