Monday, September 28, 2015

Movietime : On The Job

After watching Erik Matti's "Honor Thy Father" at the recently concluded Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), I searched for another movie by this director. I have heard/read about his movie "On The Job". Good thing Netflix had it.

I was not disappointed. Not a moment! "On the Job" (OJT) now becomes my standard for Filipino action, crime-thrillers. I never watch Filipino action movies. I always had the feeling instead of fear or thrill - I feel like laughing at the action or of the story. OJT erased all these. Proving that with the right script, editing, directing and casting Filipino movies do have something to show. Filipinos are unique, there are so many facets of our uniqueness that can be made into movies plus our characters are rich with emotions.

The movie was a bit long at 121 minutes - but I was never bored or felt some scenes were too long. Casting was perfect. Sound track and cinematography were superb.

One great Filipino movie.

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