Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Detour : Sackets Harbor, New York

Going back west instead of east - we detoured to see the village of Sackets Harbor.
Because of its strategic protected harbor on Lake Ontario and the military installations built there, the village had national importance through the 19th century. To support the War of 1812, the US Navy built a major shipyard and its headquarters for the Great Lakes at the village. Within a short period, more than 3,000 men worked at the shipyard.
The Army constructed earthworks, forts, barracks and supporting infrastructure to defend the village and navy shipyard, and its troops also camped in town, which was overwhelmed by the number of military. Soon after the war, the Army strengthened its defenses on the northern frontier by constructing Madison Barracks. Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site commemorates a battle and the contribution of the area to the United States defense during the War of 1812. (wikipedia).
Aside from the Sackets Harbor Battlefield Historic Site, the village's Main Street is lined with well preserved 19th century buildings. I had fun taking shots of some of their store signage.

"The difference between landscape and landscape is small, but there is great difference between the beholders". ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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