Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Academy Awards 2014 - Movies

Unfortunately I was only able to watch 2 out of the 9 movies nominated for this year's Best Picture.

The Wolf of Wall Street. When the trailers were out I got so excited with the movie. Scorsese and  De Caprio. I always expect a lot from these two. But disappointment was all I got. De Caprio was still at its best but the story was something I feel I would not miss out if they did not film it. There was no redeeming factor, no reason for me at all to put into film such a vile life.

American Hustle. This movie I got to enjoy. Why shouldn't I? Jennifer Lawrence was in her best, Bradley Cooper was in pink curlers, Christian Bale had a bulging tummy and Amy Adams showed almost all. Truly a funny movie from a terrific ensemble. Great performances from all.

I wish I can still watch the other movies. Even fter the awards.

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