Monday, August 6, 2012

Road Trip

The August Civic holiday brought me and the hubby to a Northbound road trip. Plan was to go to Killarney Provincial Park, go to Manitoulin Island, proceed to Sault Ste. Marie, cross the border to Saginaw, Michigan and go back to Toronto via Sarnia. This was supposed to include a nature trip, crossing the International Bridge at the twin Sault Ste Marie cities, with a little shopping along the way.

We know it was an ambitious journey thus, we had a back up plan of just taking the ferry from Manitoulin and go back to Toronto via Tobermory.

This road trip was at first planned to be a backpack adventure. To bring only things that will fit in a backpack. But we have to bring pillows and comforters in case we end up sleeping in the car. Food and our portable stove. Folding chair and extra shoes. Camera and accessories. How can all of these things fit in our packback?

Oh well, there goes the backpacking adventure. Minimal is relative. What can be less to some, maybe more than enough to others.

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