Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Highway 400 Inukshuks

The farthest we have reached along Highway 400 is Penetanguishene. We have gotten quite used to the scenery up to Victoria Harbour. However, somewhere along that part, the scenery changes. Instead of wide plains - Highway 400 is now bounded by rocks and boulders on both side.  Of different colors, shapes and sizes. Amazing to imagine that once mountains stood in these places, but they gave way to progress. I have always thought of Ontario as a place of lakes never of mountains. I guess, we do have mountains.

Another interesting thing about these boulders is that on most of them, you can see Inukshuks on top. Those man like "structures" made of stones that means "'I've been here before; you're on the right path".

I found those Insukshuks along the way very interesting. Hubby and I even began a conversation of who made those? Could be road cleaners during their break. Could be people who lived nearby. One time we saw a car parked on the sideroad. A couple was on top of a rock and was making their own inukshuk. I wished the authorities will provide a small parking space for people who would like to stop by and create their own pieces of art.

I know, there is something mystical and alluring about inukshuks.

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  1. ya. the inukshuks seem to be interesting moreso the way the images were taken. nice ones.