Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Park Hopping

Could be because summer is almost over, or blame it on this new found diversion of snapping photos - I am addicted to Ontario parks now.

Hubby and I went park hopping last weekend starting from the Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park in Omemee, Ontario. Ontario's smallest Provincial Park but a perfect place for taking interesting photos.

Then, we moved to Emily Provincial Park also in Omemee. Known for its two sandy beaches with opportunities to fish and paddle. Their marsh trail was quite an adventure for my "trekking" skills.

Last stop. Darlington Provincial Park. A popular recreational park due to its beaches and accessibility to Toronto resident. Here we spread our picnic mat and took a much needed rest.

There are 72 Provincial Parks and 5 National Parks in Ontario. See you in the middle of nowhere next summer?

More photos here.
Thanks to hubby for some photos.

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