Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Weekend in New York - More of Day 1

New York City
March 30-April 1, 2018

A splash of colors as we spent the remainder of day 1 walking around.

Stained glass inside the St. Michael's Catholic Church. 
The church was dimly lit as it was Good Friday.

 Entrance to the St. Michael's Catholic Church.

Stopping by for graffiti at 8th Ave.

Even the cargo trucks/vans are not spared.

I so love this!
How New Yorkers speak up.

Intermission :
We got hungry and had dinner at Applebees which was not worth posting as the grilled salmon was dry and the steak was so-so. To forget about that expensive dinner, we decided to watch Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs at AMC 25. That was our first time to watch a movie in NYC. Loved the movie!!

Stopped by Carlo's Bakery (yes the setting of the TLC series Cake Boss!) to try their cakes. There was a long line up and the only thing available was the carrot cake and some choco cupcakes.
Easter cakes at Carlo's Bakery.

 Painting all around a school building near the Chelsea Park.

Decided to sepia these last 2 photos leaving the viewer to imagine the colors.

Trivia : FitBit reading was 22,195 steps! All in a New York day. I almost broke my record high of 23,871 June 3, 2017 in Ottawa.

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