Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Driving Life - Road Trip 1

Scarborough to Collingwood, Ontario
3 hours each way
Feb 8 and 10, 2018
(All photos taken by hubby)

I miss taking road trips - be it short or long. I love my home but I also love being on the road. Scenic routes of wheat fields, barns and old towns are my high. So we ventured on a short road trip with me behind the wheel - all the way. Collingwood is a short 2.5 hours from Toronto, it is a place familiar to us and we have a free 1 night stay in the resort courtesy of our son. Perfect!!

We started along Kennedy Road up to Bloomington, then Hiway 6, 31, 400, 18, 42 and finally 26. We  avoided the highway and took some deserted side roads with hills and valleys. We passed by 2 round-abouts which scared me because you have to be careful to yield and watch incoming traffic. Going back from Collingwood we took a different road - highway 89, 27, 9, 31 and 6.

Thoughts and Lessons learned on this road trip.

  • As a new driver, I did not get to enjoy the road sights. Nor did I enjoy music or good conversation.
  • I have to own my space on the road. Hubby keeps reminding me I should stay on my lane.
  • There are too many road signs I have to read/notice. Follow the lane, merging lanes, speed limits.
  • To ingrain the habit of looking in all the mirrors, double check before making a lane change, making proper light signals.

My Favorite expression on this trip.

What?! 80 km/hr again? 

The trip made me re-think of the 5 major points a driver should know as emphasized by my driving instructor.
  • Get the big picture.
  • Keep your eyes moving
  • Drive with 101% focus and concentration
  • Keep distance
  • Communicate
It was a good first try. More practice needed.

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