Monday, October 9, 2017

Massachusetts, USA - Places Where We Ate

A run down of the places we ate on this trip.

July 2
Late lunch at the Elm Street Market in Stockbridge. 
The town's local cafe.

Ice cream at Love, Peace and Chocolate. I loved the chairs!!

July 3
Light lunch at the Blake House Cafe at the Springfield Museums.
(No photo but the 5 museums included in the admission was so worth the 1 hour trip from Pittsfield, MA)

The pricey dinner at Church Street Cafe at Lenox. Pricey but food was not that great.
This salmon was rather dry.

July 4
Cafe 7 - That dining place at the Clark Museum, Williamston.
No photo and nothing fancy but the museum was unforgettable.

Coffee and sweets at Moma Coffee at the Museum of Modern Art, North Adams.

July 5
Smithsonian Cafe and Chowder House at Northampton. 
No wonder it was cheap, the chowder was not that great. (No photo)

Au Bon Pain - at Yankee Candle, South Deerfield. 
Coffee and muffin by the indoor fountain. What is there not to love?

Dinner at the West End Pub at Shelburne Falls. I loved my white bass here.
There was just too much rice.

July 6
Breakfast at Shots Cafe in Lenox. I think anything in Lenox is pricey. 
My omelet is way better.

Late lunch at Fiesta Mexican Grill at Great Barrington. Yummy food and huge serving.

July 7
Finally was able to try The Starving Artist Cafe, in the town of Lee.
I guess it is true that they use only organic and homegrown ingredients. 

And then ice cream at the end of the day at Friendly's - the pride of Massachusetts.
Still serving the US East Coast for 82 years. They also serve meals.

"There is no love more sincere than the love of food."

July 1-8, 2017

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