Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TIFF 2017

Short break from all those Summer Trip 2017 postings. 

Here the 5 Toronto International Film Festival movies I watched this year. Yes 5 is a low number and in the 11 years I have been watching movies during the festival this is one of our leanest years. We decided on the early part of the game we are not taking days off and will only have weekends to watch. For that reason alone - we limited our movies. 

So here goes the movies and reviews from different movie critics (why should do it when others can do it better). 

The Motive (Country : Spain)
Hubby and I watched this movie. We both liked it. 7/10
Subject was very close to my heart - writing.

Rainbow - A Private Affair (Country - Italy)
Friend Cindy and I watched this one and gave it a 3 out of 10. A total failure.

Downsizing ( Country - USA, Special Presentation)
All 3 (hubby, son and me) liked the movie. 7/10
Hong Chau was brilliant in here, stole the show!

The Third Murder (Country - Japan)
All 3 (hubby, son and me) liked the movie. 7/10
It was like a John Grisham novel.

Short Cuts 05 was one presentation we watched. Shortcuts 05 was not actually a movie but 7 short films under the Short Cuts Program of TIFF. We rarely miss presentations from Short Cuts because we get to see 6-7 short films from different filmmakers and countries. It is always a treat.

And so another season has come and gone. This year did not feel like a TIFF year for me. I did not volunteer, I only got to see 5 presentations, I did not take a day off from work to line up and have small talk with other film buffs. This year however we had 2 "guests" in the form of the Gonzales couple. Them watching 2 movies at TIFF was not planned and was so spontaneous but they said they want to do it again next year. Sounds interesting!!

Toronto International Film Festival - Sept 7-17, 2017

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