Friday, September 29, 2017

Massachusetts, USA - Great Barrington, MA

When I think about it - I wonder why I enjoyed our short detour at Great Barrington, Massachusetts. 

Main Street of Great Barrington, MA

This one is unique though. 
There are no traffic lights in this town's main street. When pedestrians want to cross the street,
all they need to do is stop, look at both sides and wave to the car drivers. 
And I tried it too!

Came upon this weird and strange passageway.

 Walked a portion of the Housatonic River Walk enjoying the breeze and fresh air.

Then we had lunch at Fiesta Restaurant. This was my HUGE chicken chimichanga.
I only ate half.

I guess I loved Great Barrington because it was urbanized but not too busy. There was some strangeness to the place, yet it seemed familiar enough that we just blended well. The feel and air of a new place discovered.

July 6, 2017

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