Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Winning the Lottery

While on the road and to keep hubby and I entertained we discuss a lot of nonsense. 
The latest we had was "What will we do if we win the lottery?"
What changes are we going to have in our lives?
  • Sharing with family, close friends and charity was number 1.
  • Make sure to put aside a portion for emergencies.
  • Are we going to buy a new house? My answer was just to renovate, but the hubby said maybe we can get a new house where both of us will have a room for our "own things". I am all for that too! 
  • Are we still going to work? Both of us said No. Quit our jobs but work as a volunteer or part time. Have more days to travel and enjoy other interests.
  • Are we going to buy a new car or purchase expensive things we have dreamed before? No.
    The discussion kept our energy high. 
    And then we pulled over to buy our lottery ticket.

You never know. It is good to be ready.

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