Thursday, May 18, 2017

Scarborough Murals

One Saturday afternoon.
Hubby : Where do you want to go?
Me : Do you want to go strolling or just driving around?
Hubby : Just driving around.
Me : I know where some of the coolest art murals are in Scarborough - wanna drive to some of them?

McGregor Park by the library. Lawrence and Kennedy.
Basketball ring is not part of the design. The mural is really in an outdoor basketball court.

At Warden Avenue and Ellesmere Road.
Titled : Entitlements

Warden and Eglinton Avenue
Title : Puzzle
At the YouthLink building. Theme is in connection with what the office is all about.

By Eglinton Road and Southwest of Markham.
Title : Diversity
Mural is on an apartment wall with renovations currently ongoing.

By Eglinton Road and Northeast of Markham.
Title : Natural Mystic 
This was a wide mural spanning a long building wall. Very colorful too.

Moral of the story - It is always good to be prepared in case opportunity knocks. If I had not noted the addresses/locations of these murals in my cellphone - we would just have drove around with no purpose.

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