Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nordheimer Ravine

This was supposedly a staircase stroll as the area was known to have several staircases. But we took a different route and found other things instead.

The gravel trail with lots of greenery around. 
Difficult to believe we were in the heart of Toronto West.

Then at at certain point, under the Spadina Road viaduct we found these.
 There was a staircase that could have led to the Casa Loma, 
but we walked further towards Roycroft Park.

Roycroft Park.

We actually walked farther enjoying the huge and beautiful mansions of Poplar Plains and Boulton Drive. Sorry, no photos to post as we did not dare take any. But one has got to hike up these streets to see them.

Anyway, it was good hike hitting 9,550 in my FitBit.

Stroll taken on May 14 - Mother's Day.FitBit steps - 9,551

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