Thursday, May 4, 2017

Juliet's Answer and Other Books

I have always been a fiction reader. I like fiction because the writer can make the stories more funny, thrilling, scary. Fiction is my choice when it comes to books as it entertains a lot depending on the writer's imagination and mine. Lately however I am having a change of heart. Blame it all on the recent cruise.

First "Juliet's Answer" by Glenn Dixon. A quick pick while at Wal-Mart, it got me interested because the setting is in Verona, Italy - and I still have the European fever. It is the memoir of an English teacher who traveled to Verona, Italy and volunteered to answer letters addressed to Juliet - yes, that ill fated Juliet in Shakespeare's play. People write to Juliet asking for answers and guidance with regards to their love issues. The author was also seeking for answers to his own love questions. A light, well written story which happened to be true.

Then came Rick Steves' Europe 101 History and Art for the Traveler. Borrowed from the Toronto Public Library the book covers history from Prehistoric Europe to Egypt (3000 B.C.) up to the 20th Century. Written for a person like me who hated history. It is a very interesting read that I am even seriously thinking of getting my own copy as I keep going back to some chapters. I am supposed to return this to the library soon but I think I will renew as I am not finished yet. 

The last book which I am so excited to read but I am not starting yet until finish Europe 101 is my latest purchase "Michelangelo - The Pope's Ceiling" by Ross King. The book is about the 4 years Michelangelo spent labouring to complete the greatest work of art - the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Just browsing on the first few pages reads like a non-fiction. There is drama, there is tension. I cannot wait to start.

How come nobody told me History and Art could be this interesting?

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