Friday, April 14, 2017


From Civitavecchia, Rome we sailed overnight and reached Livorno, France on Monday April 10, 2017. Took bus from port to Cogorano where most of the tour attendees are picked-up. Cogorano to Florence is a 1.5 hour travel. Then - just like in Rome - nothing prepared us for Florence.

Cathedral of Sta. Maria del Fiore. Constructed 1246-1436.
On the left is a portion of the Baptistery of St. John.

The Main Portal

 Details, details. Simply breathtaking.

 Inside the Cathedral.

Postcard photo of the Cathedral with the Dome (Duomo). Photo not mine.

Just a few steps from the Cathedral, we reached Pallazzo Vecchio. And met one of the many Davids scattered in the city. This will do for now as we did not have time to see the real one at Academy of Fine Arts - the Accademia.

Outside the Uffizi Museum. Replicas of Renaissance masterpieces.

 Me at the Uffizzi courtyard.

 The historical Ponte Vechhio - the most famous bridge in Florence and undoubtedly one of the city’s most illustrious landmarks. It is an incredibly breathtaking sight when seen from afar, and even more so when you walk across it!

A more beautiful photo of the bridge which I wished I had taken. Haha!

It is said, Florence has the most number of art pieces per square meter than anywhere in the world. Too bad we did not even touch the tip of the iceberg.

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