Monday, December 12, 2016

Where Did The Weekend Go?

The past weekend was a busy one and worth recording.
Right after I got off work on Friday afternoon hubby and I went straight to the Filipino store to pick up food for dinner. My Tuesday ladies are coming over to “inspect” the Christmas village and have our Christmas party. For a party of 6 (7 including hubby) there was too much food. There was laughter, stories and gift swaps. It’s been a long time we gathered like this thus the stories almost did not end until it was past 11:00 PM.

Group picture with the village. Then the gift swap.

Nothing exciting on Saturday morning : A dental appointment, quick lunch then Costco gas-up and grocery. Wrapped a few more gifts till it was time to go for the Coronati Lodge Christmas party. As usual, it was a children’s party with lots of Filipino food. 

Sunday was time to see the Chihuly exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum and listen to the Strings Attached Holiday Concert.

Nothing stopped us from those activities despite the start of snow.

A quick stop at my favorite thrift store, dinner of hot soup and ending the weekend with a personal meeting.What a week!

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