Friday, November 4, 2016

Taipei International Airport

I enjoyed my recent layover at the Taipei International Airport. Four hours seemed too short for this airport.  I walked from B1 to C10 (estimated to be 40 minutes if you don't stop and appreciate the artistry).

There was so much for the eyes to feast on not only commercially but also just for pleasure. The waiting areas had themes like Hello Kitty of course filled with pink and Hello Kitty stuff, library themed area with walls lined with books and a theater themed area with red chairs arranged like in a movie house.

In between waiting areas were exhibits such as Porcelain, Dough art and even an orchid garden. 

I took a bite in one of the restaurants, delighted in looking at some branded bags and shopped for a few more souvenirs. I may just visit Taipei one of these days to fully immerse myself in this beautiful country.

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