Monday, July 4, 2016

Montreal via Taipan

It had been a long time we took a Taipan Tour so we decided to take one lately. A 2 nights, 3 days Toronto - Montreal trip. No driving, no worries.

Date : July 1-3

Day 1 : Toronto to Montreal starting at Pacific Mall. Upon arrival at Montreal, we immediately visited the Grevin Wax Museum crossing and passing by people on the road as Montreal was celebrating their own mini Caribana. Afterwards we had a boat tour along the river of Montreal.  A quick dinner followed after which we checked-in at the hotel and went to watch the July 1 fireworks.

Montreal's Habitat 67 viewed from the river.

Day 2 : Traveled to Magog to experience a ride in the Orford Express. Train food was so luscious, there was live entertainment, view/sights along the way was not very spectacular however due to the time of year perhaps. After the train ride, we were whisked to Canada's biggest lavender field. Unfortunately for us -the lavenders were already past the blooming stage. The fields were not as lavender as we expected them to be. Again - blame this on the strange weather we had this year. To make up for this - the tour guide brought us to a nearby vineyard where most tour-mates bought vines to bring home.

Coffee and sweets while inside the Orford Express.

Day 3 : Last day of trip. Stopped by at Kingston 1000 Island for another river cruise. Hubby and I stayed behind as we had done this river cruise before. Spent the time eating and just enjoying the view. The rest of the day was spent on the tour bus towards Toronto.

No lavender but flowers still abound.

Bus tours are no-hassle trips. The tour company plans everything for the "tourist" - no looking for places to stay, sites to visit, where to eat. The downside however is that you spend most of your day in the bus sitting. There is no room for detours or last minute changes. This is just our 2nd bus tour in 15 years and it reminded us that we simply are not made for this kind of trips. Maybe the next one will be in 10 years again.

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