Monday, March 28, 2016

Ice Along Country Road 121

The weather kept us inside the resort room all day Thursday as the forecast was for a bad ice storm. Friday however was better and sunny. Had a late lunch at the Pinestone Resort with quesadilla and chicken wings.

Full and with time on hand, we decided to go to Minden. As we drove along Country Road 121 we saw the trees and leaves heavy with ice. It was being at the right time and the right place. On the road a race was on between the shining sun (melting the ice) and our camera shutter trying to capture what we saw.
Ice on the boulders and on the trees.

Spectacular scenery that the camera just cannot capture. Ice on the mountain tree tops.

Monument of a Minden hero appears to be sweeping snow under an ice laden tree.

Just one of those drives which turned out perfect timing.
Too bad on our way back most of the ice were gone and melted.

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