Monday, January 18, 2016

Call Centre Adventures

Officially a call centre/debt collector agent for a year now. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine one day I will be working for 7 hours on the phones! Everyday is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One moment you are in a conversation with an aged pensioner whose $5 means a loaf of bread - yet would still pay the debt. Next call is an arrogant middle aged person who you know has the means to pay yet refuses to pay. In between are the difficult to understand (language barrier), the shocked (when told of the debt balance), the good mannered and the polite.

Working in a call centre as a debt collector is not a job for those who take life or themselves seriously. Not a job for those easily provoked, the onion skinned. Though I am not any of those - but I am a softie. One who falls for any sob stories of people not wanting to pay debts. No issue if they are true - but some time they are made up.

It is said - one should try being a call centre or debt collector agent for a week at least once in their life. Then they would know how it is to act polite when the person on the other line deserves worst. Having said all these though, I still enjoy my job. I like talking to people. I find their stories entertaining, gripping, intriguing. Sometimes, I even believe I am made for this job. What a funny and scary thought!

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