Monday, December 14, 2015

Old Movies Like New

How to Train Your Dragon 2. The 2014 sequel to the original which still stars Hiccup and most of the cast five years after the first movie. For an easy relaxing movie night. Nothing much to digest nor analyze - just pure family bonding fun.

Die Hard "the Original", filmed in 1988 yet still heart thumping and exciting after 27 years. Watching the movie is like revisiting an old home. It reminded me of how things were back then - the big PC monitors with the green cursors, ham radios, cassette tapes (if someone still remembers them), smoking is allowed anywhere and guns can still be carried on planes. Of course, it counts much that Bruce Willis looked so trim, toned and young then. Yes, 27 years ago. (This one courtesy of TIFF volunteer office as a Christmas treat).

Zero Dark Thirty. This 2012 action thriller of how Al Qaeda's leader was traced and found was a superb and interesting movie.Critically acclaimed and nominated in several award giving bodies - well made and well acted.

The exception to this post is Sicario. This is a 2015 released film which was shown in the recent TIFF but did not get to watch. Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and Josh Grolin stars. There is nothing much to say about the film except WOW! Fast pacing, cinematography, acting, storyline - nothing to ask for. No wonder people who saw this movie in TIFF were raving about it. Well deserved.

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