Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back To The Future : October 21, 2015

In the 2nd installment of the Back to the Future trilogy, Marty McFly and Doc Brown rode the Delorean time machine to the future. The movie was released in 1989 and the future they drove to was OCTOBER 21, 2015.

What was I doing/what was happening in October of 1989? For one, I had an 11 month old son and we were still in Iligan City, Philippines then. Corazon Aquino was president and we were gainfully employed as engineers at National Steel Corporation.

25 year later and the FUTURE has arrived.  We are now Canadians and have long forgotten how to be an engineer. The Philippines still has an Aquino as president, the son of the first Aquino president. 

The son is now almost 27 years old and traveling alone across Canada and the US. Barely a year old in 1989 - yet Back To The Future is one of his favorite films (if not his favorite). He must have seen the movies more than 10 times and that is not including the time I watched them with him. He has the VHS, DVD and Blue-Ray copy of the movies. He even has a photo shaking the hand of Christopher Lloyd (who played Doc Emmet Brown) while Doc was in his DeLorean time machine.

I wonder where will I be/what I will be doing in 25 more years? And where will my 27 year old big  fan of the movie be in 25 years? Back to the Future : 2040?

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