Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Movies : If Ever There Is a Sequel

I was excited to watch The Avengers and had high hopes but these hopes and expectations came crashing to the ground after the movie. Except for eye candies Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, I have nothing more to say. There were too many things going on, too much special effects that it tired me out. I am not sure if I will watch another Avengers movie for a while.

Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation delivered! Looking back, I never thought Tom Cruise could sustain the Mission Impossible franchise/movie/storylines - but he did. I have watched all 5 MI movies and so far it has never failed me. For me the movie (and all MI movies) are well thought of, they invest much on it to come up with a great product, it never bores and it leaves you wanting to watch the next one. Even if it takes 5 years of waiting.

Inside Out was a revelation. This Disney-Pixar 2015 movie was an unexpected gem. Considered a family or even a children's movie - but it is not. The kids may love it for the color and the cute faces but the grown ups can relate to it more. The movie really does border on a children and an adult film. It is hard to decide. Maybe I will just say - it is a movie with a heart. I wonder where the writers will take this movie next if ever there is a sequel. And I would be sad if there is none. Truly delightful.

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