Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Color My World

Even before coloring became a craze like today - I have always been coloring. Airports, while waiting in line, or at home having some ME time - I turn to my crayola and coloring book. Back then, people look at me differently. Nowadays, coloring books for adults are in the front shelves of bookstores, there are several groups in social media and free coloring pages can be found on the internet.

I still remember one of my first. In between flights to the Philippines. May 2012.

In a hotel somewhere in Seattle - October 2012.

Several colored pages have come and gone. 
I color because of the need to do something, to create and plainly because colors are fun.

And my latest - July 2015.
I am seeking, 
I am striving, 
I am in it with all my heart. 
~ Van Gogh.

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