Monday, November 3, 2014

Art Finds

"The joy is in the thrill of not knowing what you will find". I believe that is the mantra of a real treasure hunter. That is also my mind set whenever I go visit my happy place - this second hand store near us. I go there - with no expectations, no shopping list, no idea of what I might bring home.

I visit the place every now and then for the books. An armload of activity books, books for the soul, art books all for a steal. Just like my most recent haul.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Miniatures. A series of albums/books on the collection of artists or paintings displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the wanna-be art lover like me this is such a great find. And not only one or two but a lot!

Inside are descriptions of the artwork and each book comes with the miniature print of the art work  in quality paper. I find this unique and a great way for me to really appreciate the work. Not only do I read, but I have to paste each miniature to the album.
 I am still not done with these albums as I am taking my time reading and assembling them. Yet, I am so grateful that nobody seemed interested in this loot that I consider so priceless. Art can be cheap sometimes.

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