Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Treasure Hunting

The real reason for going to Cobourg is not the lake nor the delicious chai latte. The real reason is this new fondness for England made tea cups and saucers. Some friends and I have become voracious hunters for new sets to add to our new collection.

Cobourg has Beyond the Blue Box and Beyond the Blue Box Boutique. Both stores had 50% off on all items on top of the already cheap prices. What a heaven!! Spent long hours inspecting, checking, comparing our selection. Came out of the store a few dollars poorer but much happier with our loot.

After the Blue Box shops, we also tried the 2 other thrift stores on the same street and came out with few more items.

This was not the end of this treasure hunting day. Heading back home, we still dropped by Value Village at Whitby. Not much from this place but we were so full from the late lunch at Go Believe Sushi. Moving along we went to the Ajax Value Village. ButcChoosing items from the Value Village stores became harder as the price were much higher compared to those in Cobourg.

We decided it had been a good catch day and Menchie's Frozen Yogurt was the finale.

What a day!!

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