Friday, October 31, 2014

The Minnie and Mickey Costume

 Making my own Minnie costume for the Halloween.

1) Find a red skirt. Lucky me, I got this 3 tiered red skirt of my size for $4. What could be nicer?

 2) Get white felt cloth from the dollarstore and cut small circles. Lots of small circles.

3) Also from the dollarstore, 2 black headbands, a black Styrofoam sheet and red felt cloth. Form Styrofoam into "ears". Cut red felt cloth into a rectangle.

 4)  Attach styro ears to headband. (Tip: wear headband and try/mark where ears should be as headbands tend to "expand/disfigure" when worn). Attach white circles to rectangular red felt. Form into ribbon. Attach to headband. Make 2 headband ears but one without the ribbon.

5) Attach (glue or paste) other white felt circles to red skirt.

6) Find black top and red shoes for Minnie. Find black long sleeved top, suspenders and red shorts for Mickey.

7) VOILA! Minnie and Mickey! Add FUN.

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