Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lake Placid

We settled on the first place we saw as we were getting hungry roaming the roads. At Mr. Mike's Pizza we ordered the spinach mushroom salad with vinaigrette. The spinach and mushroom came drenched with vinaigrette that was creamy and did not look vinaigrette at all. Hubby ordered the mussel marinana which came too sour. Some mussels did not open, while other shells were broken. My fettuccine alfredo was so ordinary and boring. The glass of coke was probably a third of the can with lots of ice.
I wish there was something good I can say about this place, but there was nothing. I ordered Sprite that never came and after giving us our bill the server did not even bother to come back. I intended to pay in cash and was planning on not giving a good tip. Since the server never came back, we had to leave with the change as tip which was more than I wanted to give.

We drove along a bit farther, just over a hill. And there we saw the bustling downtown of Lake Placid. Complete with shops, restaurants, tourists, and a big lake. For the money I spent for that disgusting meal, I could have eaten a better meal. Lessons lessons. Next time, I vowed to scout any area well before settling on a place to eat. Or what is google for? Mr. Mike's Pizza - no good at all.


Trivia : In the village of Lake Placid, the lake at the center of the village is Mirror Lake. I have not researched on where the real Lake Placid is, but I heard it is somewhere near.

Parking lots were full yet one can find one after a while. We walked around half of the lake and enjoyed some popcorn, had a taste of Emma's ice-cream and became tourists for a few hours. 

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