Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bovaird House

A visit to a friend's home gave us a chance to visit Brampton's historic home - the Bovaird House. When we dropped in, volunteer Michael told us they are preparing for an evening event but we were welcome to take a look inside.

The table settings were all ready. We gathered that the House hosts a few events in a year (attendance through tickets and reservation) and as Michael relayed tickets sell as soon as available.

This particular event was the Loaf and Laddle Pioneer Soup with expected 50 guests.

 We viewed the 3 rooms where the event will be held and proceeded upstairs for a complete tour of the house. These are the stairs leading to the second floor of this 1852 home.

An entrance doorway where the ladies can leave and hang their Victorian hats.
Reminds me so much of "Pride and Prejudice".

Michael showed us the whole home and we really had a good time in this short visit. We intend to check on its next event and plan to attend. It was an unexpected yet pleasant learning afternoon we truly enjoyed. For more of the the Bovaird Home click here.

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