Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gratitude for the YaYa Weekend

THANK YOU friends for the time you reserved for this weekend get-away. Jette for planning, driving from Toronto, for bringing the tripod. Tetet for the pretty dresses and for being accountant. Cindy for being the official driver. Dang for being navigator, for your car and for being over all assistant. Thank you for everyone's energy, fun spirit, and tolerance.

THANK YOU for the clean, safe and spacious hotel. For safe driving and safe drivers around us. For safe places we visited (St. Jacobs, Stratford & Waterloo).

For all the good food that we had - from that St. Jacob's bakery, the buffet restaurant, the ice cream place near the covered bridge, the sushi place, breakfast at the hotel, and brunch buffet at Stratford. It surely nourished us after so much talking and laughing and walking.

Thank you to all the random people we met; who took our pictures, who had pictures with us, who appreciated our dresses, who spoke to us and were delighted with just our presence. All the world needs is a smile!

Thank you for the cute shops and the covered bridge of St Jacob's (with a bride and groom as a bonus too!);  the church in Waterloo where we worshiped; and the beautiful garden and charming shops of picturesque Sratford.

It was one well spent weekend with lovely friends. Looking forward to the next one!

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